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Mono-Pitch Pergolas

Our modern mono-pitch pergolas are designed with sleek lines and contemporary features, providing both shade and style. With a unique angled roof and robust materials, Ironclad mono-pitch pergolas are made to measure and create an inviting atmosphere for entertaining or relaxing. Sleek lines and contemporary design make our modern pergolas a statement piece. A popular choice from the Ironclad range.

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We’re committed to enhancing outdoor spaces using responsible manufacturing practices that minimise our environmental impact.

Line drawing of sun's rays bouncing off a surface indicting UV resistant.

UV Resistant

Ironclad pergolas provide UV resistant shade, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without feeling the effects of the sun’s damaging rays.

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Wind Resistant

Sturdy construction and robust materials mitigate the impact of strong winds and keep your pergola secure throughout its lifetime.

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30 years experience

With over 30 years of combined experience in custom fabrication, the Ironclad team provides exceptional service from design to installation.

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Q. What is the advantage of installing a mono-pitch pergola?

It’s a single-plane roof line that can match your existing roof, with a very simple and modern look. Generally, this is the most cost-effective structure.

Q. What is the best pitch for a pergola? (minimum pitch?)

The minimum pitch is 3 degrees, with no maximum pitch as such, but typically between 3 and 20 degrees is the sweet spot.

Q. How is drainage handled during rain?

This is not usually a problem as there is very little groundwork that is required. Once the pergola is installed a downpipe is run to ground level and from here the homeowner can engage a drainage contractor for a soak hole or simply run it onto the ground. A great option is to run the downpipe into a storage tank for your gardening water needs.

Q. Does a pergola installation require consent?

Not if it comes under the Schedule 1 regulations of the NZ building code which states pergolas and lean-tos under 30 square metres are not subject to consent.

Q. What is the best roof for a pergola?

It entirely depends on the look, size and budget you are after. Colorsteel roofs are more cost effective but block all the light, while Polycarbonate offers great light transfer and aesthetically are more pleasing to the eye at a slightly higher price.

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